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Chapter 9 – Brain mishmash

Saturday, February 29th, 2020, leap year. Is it weird that I want to hyphenate my name? I mean I have been divorced for 13 years, the same amount of time that I was married. What’s in a name? My kids. I want me to continue having their name. And I […]

The Engagement- A Short Story

Last year was a very special Christmas, 2018.  It was lovely. Everything felt very Christmasy to me, the Christmas tree was up with all the shiny decorations and the ones Rebecca and Gavin made at school during their elementary school years.  I plugged in the Christmas tree lights. I turned […]

My Introduction.

I am really loving this. A place for my thoughts, my story, my short stories, and my poetry. My creations. I have gained more confidence since I completed my course on Creative Writing at Algonquin College and through here.  I have been sober since 2005 and was diagnosed with Bipolar […]