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Tales Of The Poles and other creative writing. Christine W. F.

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New Year-Good Start-Blog and pics!

I DID IT! I DID IT! Yup. Ya, I did, I sent my letters and all of that stuff (last post) to Jessica, the whole story. I was so worried she would think I was really crazy, but as she said we are all a little bit crazy some find it easier to hide. LOL […]

I Have Only Begun-Poem

Snowed with the moon once again from a distance Too far away My eyes show it Too far away My heart sings it Too far away Deep within A chilling goal Too easy Too easy To lose your pace In fantasy frenzied thoughts. No rest no rest I can’t shut down I can’t shut down […]

Poem- Follow

Follow The thick grey clouds engulf me  There is no sign of the brilliant moon The path seems so obscure you cannot find your way Saving grace of the tiny fluttering wings who brings you light It beckons me to follow I have nothing to lose I’m brought to a castle with warm glows inside […]

Three parts in one, Rock Star.

Part One. Rock Star Mania It’s very late. Very. I am waiting for my meds to kick in but I wanted to start recounting a very very exciting story. So much excitement that ya i guess i need my meds tweaked again. Bu this is it. This is the mania we all dream about or […]

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