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Tales Of The Poles and other creative writing. Christine W. F.

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I Sit, I Watch, I Listen, I Absorb, I Learn. 4/27/2023

I have a long journey here at the hospital where I have taken camp with some of my favourite things. I am eight days into the Eating Disorder Program. I have been wanting to write and update my posts with my current situation. It wasn’t easy to ask for help, I have been waiting almost…

Hospital Time – 4/22/2023

Hello, I have some things to share and going to try and keep a log here of my experience. I know I have mentioned having an eating disorder, basically on and off from the time I  was around seven when I wrote a note to my parents and said “Will you still love me if…

An Affair

She wakes up in the morning, slightly lost and slightly distraught. She misses her wings that come from just one sip. It brings her comfort and warmth like that of a long-lost friend. Memories to hold tight she takes another sip of the warm rich soothing drink as she remembers times back in n the…

Almost February 2023-

Well hello. The usual, it has been a long time since I have posted. Perhaps it is overindulgence in making music, perhaps it is a coping strategy or perhaps it is the first time in my life that I feel included, accepted and celebrated. Maybe that is the real pull towards it. A year ago,…

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