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Tales Of The Poles and other creative writing. Christine W. F.

Poems, stories and adventures

Role Model – July 16th

She comes out of her brown and beige travel van with curtains in the window. The speakers are set up and after some fine-tuning, they start their set. A beautiful girl with a beautiful voice and whose partner is so nice; I was tongue-tied when he actually asked me a question. She is wearing a […]

Let The Adventures Begin-sensitive material (A bit x-rated)

Saturday, July 12th It has been a long time since I have written anything I have been so busy with school and singing. School is hard, having a hard time focusing and organizing myself, but learned I can focus outside or on the bus. But the newest adventure is we went to friends. It is […]

My Bright Moon

What’s new about my Moon?  June 2nd, 2021 I kid you not. I am in the middle of a process called forgiveness, something I actually learned in My Stress and Wellness course at my local college but really didn’t pay attention until now. The other day (2 -3?) days ago) I came up with the […]

My Poor Pup Archie

May 1st, 2021 My best friend. My Archie. He has been unwell for a couple of days when we started thinking maybe he ingested something which is highly likely as he is a “hover” dog, eating whatever they can find. This morning we found him still lethargic and not getting up and wagging his tail […]

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