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Tales Of The Poles and other creative writing. Christine W. F.

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The Change is Nearby-Original Song Lyrics, by Me

This is an original I wrote after my friend said change is coming soon my friend. It has had a great impact on me. It isn’t always what you are looking for but at the end of the day , change only comes from within.  VERSE 1 Running, running, running in her head Change is […]

After thought about – Nov 21 2022 post.

I am really appreciative of my followers, I find it very therapeutic and I hope I can help others by being honest. Also, when I write things become clearer, I send myself unconscious support, and I recognize things about myself when I write. I learn from it. And that is how change starts. “I deserve […]

Nov 11, 2022 -Changes-Blogg

Photo -Google search for butterfly pics Well, this year has almost gone by already. This year has been difficult, as everyone says at the end of the year. I don’t normally do that but it has a positive side to things too. I had cancer, follicular lymphoma, and discovered it when my lymph node […]

On Stage!

I have yet to let you hear me. Here is a video of last now. This song bears a lot of emotion for me. I am a new guitar player since Jan 2022. SO far I am self-taught, and now getting mentored by several musicians. This song is a heartbreaker. And definitely not 100% But […]

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