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Cool date. Easter Sunday for us. I was more focused on preparing for my dad to come over that I forgot about my own kids. Way too old for the whole Easter egg hunt, and my daughter is still staying at her dad’s. We have nice visits and have had a couple of sleepovers at […]

March 14th, 2021. Late posting this one. A blog.

Now March 28, I will have more to post that is current.  A new beginning somehow. Still flaw, so ya, I have beat all my silly demons that were making my and Neils life difficult. I almost wondered if I was psychotic. I told the doctor I was afraid I would, that’s how bad the […]

After Thought to TGIF

Afterthought. After reading back on my posts I recognize something, like just. My flair of mania with the ever-changing playrooms and hair colour was actually me trying to deal with my mom’s health which seriously took a nosedive around the new year. I tend to hyperfocus on odd things, the urge to move furniture is […]

TGIF 02,2021

Nice late night TGIF  Where I have been I have oh so much clutter in my little brain. Kudos to the moon phases I am learning about, Neil and I spent some time together, I hadn’t realized my two weeks away from my son, was in fact already 2 weeks. I have had many sorrows […]

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