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Mommy, will you still love me if I am fat? -My Story

Jan 2022 I actually made a little booklet, this will be a long blog but I will add some pics. I was about 7 years old when I wrote that to my mom. “Will you still love me if I am fat?” That was the first time I felt fat. I had a big belly, […]

In-Between 2021-2022

This is the first Christmas I am not too loopy. Every year I tell my shrink I go “crazy” around Christmas time. This year she upped my meds before things got too hairy. I have stopped loving Christmas as I got caught in the rat race, of let’s show the kids how much I love […]


“From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishwallow in self-pity/despair/defeat wallow in self-pity/despair/defeat etc to seem to enjoy being sad etc, especially because you get sympathy from other people – used to show disapproval He’d been feeling sorry for himself, wallowing in self-pity.”(1) AKA Hero to Zero as Neil puts it. Ok, so I’ve been buzzing around, […]

Chin Up Buttercup

December 2, 2021- starting this at 12:15 am. I sense an all-nighter but if I write everything I want to, then I will be able to go to bed. I am doing good. I really want to try and focus on positive stuff, look for signs of goodness rather than doubt humanity. So I have […]

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