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An Affair

She wakes up in the morning, slightly lost and slightly distraught. She misses her wings that come from just one sip. It brings her comfort and warmth like that of a long-lost friend. Memories to hold tight she takes another sip of the warm rich soothing drink as she remembers times back in n the day with her friend. There is nothing bland to look back on. The flavour is rich like a kiss from the past of her long-lost friend. The perfect sweetness of just two tablespoons and a slash of vanilla and creamy cashew sends her heart into overdrive. Bold and giving her a sense of warmth and connection, she takes another sip. She holds the cup close to her heart and gulps it down in secret with memories of her twin flame. Secretly gulping one by one her taste buds scream for more. Her hands caress her warm cup, large and pretty like her heart. It takes her by surprise each time. She locks the door and stays inside for this is the one thing she treasures, her time and her memories all in a sip. She downs the drink and feels full inside. It brings her confidence and the ability to fly. It is so powerful she can only have one as her soul lights up like never before. Clothed in pretty flowers and owls on a tree holds her secrets and she wants more but will have to wait another day to be joined again by her friend.

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Christie F.

Welcome to my blog. I have been journal writing for years. I took a course in Creative writing and found I enjoy writing short stories and poetry. I write more when I am hypomanic or manic.
I went into Rehab for Alcohol Addictions and have been sober for fourteen years.
Shortly after I quit drinking I was diagnosed with Bipolar 2, I have since been diagnosed with Bipolar 1.
I enjoy talking about my story, for people to learn or relate. I try and have a healthy lifestyle and try to use my coping strategies. Life is just too boring without Bipolar, it is a blessing but yet sometimes a curse.
I am currently working on a book and dream of publishing one day.
I am so excited to have found Wordpress.
This is my new adventure.

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