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My Poor Pup Archie

May 1st, 2021

My best friend. My Archie. He has been unwell for a couple of days when we started thinking maybe he ingested something which is highly likely as he is a “hover” dog, eating whatever they can find. This morning we found him still lethargic and not getting up and wagging his tail as he always does. I wrote a story here before about him. Post was Called “Mainly My Pup” I believe. ANyways the best dog in the world, even though he eats everything in sight, I would always worry about just this, having to rush him in for surgery. 

I called the vets and were instructed to drive there and call when in parking lot. Because of Covid, Animal Hospitals do not let ‘parents’ in so it is all email and calls trying to sort out care for my dog.

They suggested Xray and we had that done. We were waiting for gas? To pass and move things around. And a repeat in 6 hours or so.  But in between the dr suggested we do blood work before investigating any further so I agreed to it.

The results were painful to hear. He is 8 years old..I have just told people how healthy he has been. The vet called me back and said they did see problems with his blood work and it indicated liver disease. They have him on IV and giving pain meds and antinausea meds. I believe this is the routine I will come back to when we bring him home. I can’t talk enough about it without telling my kids, and they are who I really want to talk to, but I wrote before about “Archie”. He is a really good boy. I am not sure how I am going to get through this, my jaw is clenched, my stomach in one massive knot. Speaking of knots, the doctor feels he may have a mass or tumour, which could be cancerous.

And I thought it was a lodged Qtip. The reality hit when the dr called me. Lovely dr, very patient and caring, as they should be of course I was surprised how down to earth she was. Easy to talk to, talked me through my tears. I don’t know how long I have with him. I don’t know what he will be like on pain meds, will he still be excited to see me? Is he ok to go on walks? Will he be happy….when did this pain start? He never complained but looking back on things he became very very needy and now his whole body was tense, so tense the dr couldn’t examine by touch his bowels and stomach because often they can feel an item if they have ingested something.

They were supposed to do a follow up xray but the dr said the xray isnt important, They aren’t worried about what he may have ingested, they are very concerned about his liver so they are putting that on hold.

Archie is still there, getting pain meds and antinausea, and his fluids. I agreed to an ultrasound in the morning and I hope I have more accurate answers, have an understanding of how serious this is, and sitting here not knowing how bad it is, or how much longer he has to live.

Neil, my partner that I write all about has not left my side and is staying with me until we sort out my pup. I am so very grateful for him, love shows up all around.

Well, I can’t sing right now, so I write. Both therapeutic. Each has a time and place.

Thank you for being there.

Accepting hugs and warm wishes

Stay well.

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Christie F.

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