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A quick Where Or Where has she gone and a thank you.

 January 22, 2021

Where have I gone? What have I been doing?  I try to collect pieces of my writing into one area. I am working on a book, I am working on books. I don’t know that I will ever stop writing, maybe a time block of years, but I always find my way back. Doing this college course has been fantastic but I am low on funds so I have to skip a semester. I have considered humbly asking for donations or tips from my work to help me pay for the remaining three courses. I really need to do this for myself. It is nice to feel successful in what you do. I am going to add that WordPress tab of “tip here”. I don’t have enough followers to advertise, so I am on my own. I have put together two chapbooks that will be ready for digital copy sale soon. I am not sure how I will be doing this but I assume it’s more than transferring money and emailing my book of poetry.? I have no clue. So maybe it’s a short “Hey readers help support me if you can. If you wish :). What about my book? I have no way of knowing what to do, maybe someone could help me. I am not just ready just yet, maybe soon for my chapbooks, I have 2. From different eras in my life. My first mainly consists of poetry from 2007-2008 with one final poem from 2020. Had to leave on a positive note as you will see.

I feel like I have to have all the answers right away. I see people in the music industry struggling as gigs were their lively hood. I have a smart friend, offering to play for a few hours asking for tips if we could. I did. I got his email. I figured I would have spent it in the bar if I had done. I have another friend who is looking at bringing home money, as she works in the music industry and has Zumba teaching sessions. I write, I sing, neither are brilliant talents of mine, but I create, I try to sing, my singing is getting stronger and I am venturing into open mics. So. I just asked him (my friend who does open mic)  if he would like to get a facebook room and play music and practice with me. How cool would that be? How cool if we put on a show for 5$ What if I can get the whole band going all through social media.  A great big world with so many options. I write as well, why not try to get my work in a publishing magazine, imagine I win the contest for poetry. Imagine. $5000.00 Would my whole world change? Well, I would pay out debt and save for the remainder of my college course. Maybe sell a few chapbooks to my follower friends. They are fancy, even have pictures in them. I don’t have a fancy photocopier though, I found out when I was printing my first copy. I don’t know what the rules and regulations there are about selling your goods on WordPress so I will have to look into that, same with the tip jar. I know I won’t make it big, not big on stage and not with a pen in my hand, but my god, chasing my dreams, dreams I didn’t know existed, dreams I created for myself.

I have to tell you all. Each new follower gets a woot woot and a thank you for your interest. I never thought I would make it as far as I have in the writing industry. I have failed in keeping track of time and spending that little bit of extra time on one thing, but I am all over the place, but it never gets dull. One minute I’m singing in my office, working on some documents the next thing I am running my amp and mic downstairs to finish off the karaoke Thursday night online party. That was sweet. I stayed for 2 songs. Neil was here and I don’t think I spent enough time with him, after all, I like him around, but I also like to do my own thing. I find it difficult to just sit in front of the tv, oh ya we cuddle but it isn’t the same singing or writing being busy, being productive. I don’t know. Perhaps I am a bit manic still and maybe perhaps self-centered. I do love to hear myself talk, but everyone is tired of it, I can vent here. Some will relate, some will laugh, some might roll their eyes, and I am grateful for those views too!

Thanks for checking me out.


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Christie F.

Welcome to my blog. I have been journal writing for years. I took a course in Creative writing and found I enjoy writing short stories and poetry. I write more when I am hypomanic or manic.
I went into Rehab for Alcohol Addictions and have been sober for fourteen years.
Shortly after I quit drinking I was diagnosed with Bipolar 2, I have since been diagnosed with Bipolar 1.
I enjoy talking about my story, for people to learn or relate. I try and have a healthy lifestyle and try to use my coping strategies. Life is just too boring without Bipolar, it is a blessing but yet sometimes a curse.
I am currently working on a book and dream of publishing one day.
I am so excited to have found Wordpress.
This is my new adventure.

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