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Poetry Assignment One

I started a course at my local college in Creative Writing. We are given assignments and I would like to publish what I have written. Our assignment was to recreate poetry that would mimic Kalil Gibran’s style of poetry. 

Here are my three that I will be submitting. I hope you enjoy, better yet if you see similarities with Kalil Gibran’s style (the hope is anyways) Feedback would be lovely.

The last one, on Mania, has been taken from one of my poems, Dancing With The Demons


And what about jealousy, Meredith?

Meredith replied,

 It is darkness in your heart. Do not let the darkness in your heart or else

the gates will shatter by the storm. 

A volcano will erupt deep within your core and

bubbling lava will blast into your soul.

Blackening the innocence that once lay in your mind.

Crashing, loathing the eruption that flows.

Lightning bolts will fuel your words as you spread the storm onto others’ hearts.

Mind your beast for the storm is imminent.

Want not, lust not other’s success and beauty.

Be true to yourself and keep your storm at bay.


And what about trust, Meredith?

 Meredith replied,

It is when gentle hands hold your heart.

Purest of love.

Purest of intention.

The snow falls quietly, for you can see it but not hear the sound.

Over time, time tells.

Allow yourself to see the snow as it falls in front of you.

Snow can melt but keep your mind cool as it can play tricks.

Believe at least in the One that provides the snow as it is the most important.

Don’t let the rain wash away the snow.


And what about Mania, Meredith?

Meredith replied,

 The luxurious temptation like a soft velvet against your skin

will beckon you to follow Its lead and promises to guide you through

In the shadows of the night.

Your body will be guided by the beat, your heart will flicker in the night

With the allure of His dance.

Darkness will envelop you

As the drums will beat too loud and too fast.

A storm will be near and there will be no peace of mind.

You will struggle, you will fall.

Far from freedom and romance.

Ask for guidance and peace as none will be found.

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Christie F.

Welcome to my blog. I have been journal writing for years. I took a course in Creative writing and found I enjoy writing short stories and poetry. I write more when I am hypomanic or manic.
I went into Rehab for Alcohol Addictions and have been sober for fourteen years.
Shortly after I quit drinking I was diagnosed with Bipolar 2, I have since been diagnosed with Bipolar 1.
I enjoy talking about my story, for people to learn or relate. I try and have a healthy lifestyle and try to use my coping strategies. Life is just too boring without Bipolar, it is a blessing but yet sometimes a curse.
I am currently working on a book and dream of publishing one day.
I am so excited to have found Wordpress.
This is my new adventure.

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