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Saturday, January 29th, 2022

Ottawa, Ontario 


We are all over the world right now. The hot topic is in Canada. (We made it the front page of BBC newspaper. (Yet, I realize there are actually critical situations around the world.) I can’t even fathom getting into politics or taking sides. I said this to my sister,

“We went from Parliament to Rideau Center, through Rideau Center. All of the stores were closed. People were just piling the shopping center and mostly were unmasked inside. ( Mandate to wear masks inside is still a thing here) A few people had masks on. I had two layers on the whole time. I have to say I felt panicky seeing and being in the crowd at Parliament. I followed four Toronto cops through the crowd so we were fucking lucky. Would I do it again? Yes, but I would stay away from that one area. I had to go, I live here. Regardless of whether I am on their side or not. We are going around the world. Thousands of videos will be uploaded to YouTube.. Trudeau said things I will not support and for that reason, others have my support. Either way, I am going to support individuals regardless of their views. I have seen families and friends split up because of the division. Nothing will have 100% compliance.”

 The world needs more love.

Photo credit -me

Before I forget I came across this comment 

“Don’t know how Trudeau will continue his hate narrative against this effort when there are people like Ottawalks that have documented the entire things. Kinda destroys his stupid narrative.”

That was a quote from one of the messages on Ottawa Walks. Watch anything live. Things don’t match up. Everyone has heard about the “fringe society”? How about telling a nation that their views are inappropriate and referred to our beloved truckers ‘the ones with tin foil hats”.

I have never been on one side more than the other. I have heard the fears, I have seen the impact it has on society. But we are done. There is an article if I can add it somehow. I don’t know how many people this will reach. Do your research. The media is jaded and the focus goes to the handful of idiots that are always around anything with booze involved. All of a sudden these few people become the focus of the media and Trudeau went on about how aweful these guys are.

Truth be told. I didn’t want to get vax’d. I felt it was experimental. But I did it. Then I found out you can still give and get covid even with vax. Oh but now there are 2.. That should do it…no… I just found out that there is a FORTH vax. WTF. ANd you can still get it and you can still give it.

Now, around the world people are saying, ok the worst is over we are going to treat it like the flu and we just have to deal with it. I would like to quote so I will find the article. Politicians here are talking about it “hinting “ at it. HInting at letting go of all the mandates and restrictions. It is time for us to move on. If you are sick stay home.

Watch a live video. They are incredible. Put on earphones and listen really loud. It is incredible.  The media doesn’t talk about the millions of dollars raised on go fund me, something that apparently has been put on hold. They don’t talk about how the community is pulling together and feeding them and bringing them snacks and drinks, did the media tell you that these truckers had a food drive and supplied our food banks ( there was an altercation between a homeless man and a trucker). There’s no violence ffs. People are bringing their kids down there, saw one in a toboggan. It’s a family event. Lol. They are picking up their garbage and when needed they shoveled the streets of downtown.

I have never experienced a protest. This is going on strong. More trucks coming in this weekend. Tell your friends to watch the live feeds. There are a few. Ottawa Walks is my favourite. This stuff is going viral.

Trudeau had to ‘isolate’ as he was in contact with someone who had covid. So..he was told to self-isolate. At his cottage in the middle of the biggest protest, I have ever seen.

OH, and then he reports he now has covid but he is feeling fine.

Now he has been whisked away to a secret location and won’t face up to the thousands of truckers and supporters. Nothing. Good as dead. When do we get to vote again? He still hasn’t earned my vote and never will.

For the truth..


NOw it is valentines day and I haven’t submitted this The truckers are still here, quieter, the weekend was amazing from the videos, I really wished I had gone. The whole community put together a party. 

Then I hear something in the News that Trudeau is declaring war or something. Like really. Watch the videos.

I just don’t want anything bad to happen. Doug Ford is lifting our restrictions as of March 1st, Just in time to match other provinces in Canada, as I guess we are following suit from other countries, I tend to watch or read more BBC News because my husband is English, and that’s his choice for news. A bit less biased.

SO things are a bit nuts here, many people are tired of the noise, but getting a lot of support too, they even built a stage, and my friend, who is a musician played for a while. It was a rocking time. NO harm is ever intended. Overall great bunch of folk. They just want to be heard.

People around the world want to be heard.

Wishing you all the best, sorry if I went on about Ottawa Live but it is fascinating.

TOday marks Day 18 Of Truck Freedom COnvoy.

Feb 23, 2022

Well As most people know Trudeau did declare war on the most civil protest I have witnessed. All the live feeds (not paid media) have all the details.

Well, the riot gear came out and the group eventually dispersed. Some people were charged, some people were arrested, some 

Photo credit: Me

got the trucks and cars towed after police broke all their car windows.

They have gathered again. There is one on way to States, there will be some all over the world. I doubt no one else will host a 30-day protest clogging up the streets. LOL

Here is my face, my rare red hair and my Canadian Flag

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