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Freedom-A Short Story

James and Emma planned to leave the city to have their weekend away.  Emma had an appointment in the morning. She wanted to get an earlier start and she was always rushing around and it was getting late.  She wanted to be in Mattawa earlier. It was a long drive and she wanted to be there right at two when the site opens up so they could enjoy as much of the weekend camping as they could.  I need a break.

When Emma was close to being ready she called James.

“I am finally ready to go, sorry it’s later than we had planned.”

“ It is alright, I will see you soon Emma.”

James arrived and they got into Emma’s car, James usually drives when they are together.

They left to start their fun weekend away.


“We are almost there James!”  Emma said excitedly

 I hope this site is private, she thought, it always gives her a bit of anxiety as she tries really hard to get the best sites.

Emma spends a lot of time browsing through the camping sites on the webpage for Ontario Provincial Parks.  She looks at site size, site conditions, privacy and quality of site. She will spend hours just to chose their sites for the weekends they go camping.

You always worry, and for nothing, you always pick the perfect site. thought James

“Well the last time we came to this park, we got to see this site, so I am pretty sure it will be good, we already had a sneak peek.”

This campsite was a bit different to chose, last month they camped on site 180 and it wasn’t as private as she thought and was somewhat disappointed the last time they went to that park.  They spotted site 181 and It looked quite good, so Emma was determined to get that spot the next time they went to Samuel de Champlain Provincial Park.

“Well, we always manage to set up our site in such a way that we can still have some privacy,” Emma said.

“We do a good job, Emma, It doesn’t really matter, I love seeing you so happy camping.”

After a three hour drive, Emma and James finally made it to the campgroundThey parked Emma’s car at the gate to register.  It was a bit busy and Emma was getting a bit impatient.  She was just so excited.

Emma and James go camping once a month.  Emma would be happy to camp more.

Things are actually a bit easier and they can stay longer now that they bring Emma’s dog, Archie.

Emma’s son used to stay home on the weekend they would go camping.  Back then they would only be able to go once a month when Emma’s kids were with their dad.  Jake would stay home and look after the house and Archie. But with his summer job, it became too difficult for him. Emma was quite disappointed initially as was James.  James was worried they wouldn’t be able to get sexy times while they were away camping with Archie around.

James and Emma have lots of stories from the various campgrounds they have gone to.  This one was going to be one of the best.

“The sky is getting dark,” Emma said.

“Ya, hopefully, the rain holds off till we get set up.”

They arrived at their campsite and James parked her car.

“Ah, finally we got this site!!  Look at it, it is so beautiful!” 

The site was lined with great big tall pine trees, several on the site. Big, really big trees.

As they walked around the site, James pointed at the flattest part of the site, away from the very large trees, close to the edge of their site.  There are no rear sites, just a view beyond the trees of the Mattawa River. Emma looked around the site. 

“ I think it should go back here. I don’t want Archie to be close to the tent, I am worried he will lift his leg against the tent and pee!”

“It will be fine, this is the best place.”

I guess he is right. Emma thought to herself and they started emptying Emma’s car.  

“I can’t believe my little Nissan Versa holds all our camping gear.  So much easier with the top box now that we are bringing Archie.” PIC

They began to set up the tent, but Emma had smoked a bit of weed.  She was having a hard time following James’ instructions.

“ I could never set up this tent by myself, “ laughed Emma as she tripped over the root of a tree.

“ You have a hard enough time walking Emma,”  teased James

They have spent entire weekends where Emma would continuously trip over roots and uneven ground.  It made for an interesting time and James can do what he is best at, teasing Emma.

They finally got their tent set up.  It was a large eight-person tent……. It had two doors, they use half for the king-size air mattress, and all the rest of the tent is for all of Emma’s bags and space for Archie.  She doesn’t pack light like James who only brings one bag. Emma says it is her home for the weekend.

“We better move quickly looks like it will rain soon.”

Urgh, Emma thought, every weekend there has been rain.

Well James, I  am up for the challenge, we are used to this, we will have fun still as we always do.”  Emma said

The weather forecast did say rain but she was hoping it wouldn’t rain too hard.  James’s favourite thing about camping is having a fire.

When they were done setting up their tent they moved onto setting up the dining shelter.

“I am so glad we bought this shelter, it is much bigger than the last one, and so much easier to put together,” said James.

They decided to put the dining shelter on the other side of the site, close to the trail that leads to the beach. They moved the big heavy picnic table to where they wanted it set up. They always move the picnic tables to exactly where they want to give the most privacy.

“Look at this James! We have our own path to the beach as well!”

Emma took a quick break to walk down their own path to the beach. She looked around and there were hardly any other campers.  Being Thanksgiving weekend there are very few tents as it is usually much cooler. 

Emma returned from the beach smiling she felt so happy and at peace.  This is just what I needed.

“This is so awesome James, there is only one trailer in view.”

Good good! James thought, more chances to play!

“Did you remember your white t-shirt?”

“Yes.” replied Emma,  I have my rubber boots too.”

“Come on now, help me with the tarps.” 

They strategically placed the tarps over the dining shelter. They argued and laughed a bit about how the tarps should be tied up they can never remember it seems to change every time.  Eventually, they were able to do it and it gave them, even more, privacy and better shelter from the rain.

It started to rain lightly just as they were close to being finished setting up…

“Here we go, the rain has come,” James announced.

They took their camping chairs out of the car, including one for Archie and placed them in the dining shelter.  Archie is very content all weekend in his chair, even in the rain Emma and James were able to place his chair in the dining shelter so he would be out of the rain.

As they continued to empty the car, Emma’s job was to organize the cooking gear and the inside of the tent.  Emma loves the ritual organizing of camping gear, loves setting up their new home for the weekend.  She has everything well organized.  The one thing in her life that she can organize so she loves it and generally does an excellent job with the exception of always forgetting something and it usually has to do with food, sugar, condiments, bread, the eggs. She tried so hard but has not perfected it yet. James likes to tease her about this.

It started raining harder and they were getting wet. 

“Let’s go get the wood now that the car is empty, but we will leave it in the car until the rain tapers off.”

When they got back from getting three bags of wood Emma went to the coolers and pulled out two cold beers, a Budweiser for James and a non – alcoholic Becks for herself.

“Cheers, we made it!”  as they clanged their bottles of beers.

Emma got the rain gear out of the car. She insisted that James wears a raincoat.

“ You always get wet James, then you complain of being cold, and I bet you didn’t bring enough clothes again. Here, take this.” as she handed him a blue raincoat.  James mumbled to himself but at least he put it on this time.

By the time they finished setting up, it was dinner time, so Emma began to prepare dinner.

“We will save the steaks for when It isn’t raining and we can cook on the fire grill. Tonight we will have Spicey butter chicken with basmati rice”

“Yum!’  James said.

The rain started to subside after they were done their delicious dinner.  It makes Emma proud when she cooks a really good meal for James. It is not often she cooks, James usually does the cooking.

“Hey..the rain stopped just in time to start a fire.”

James seems happier now that he gets to build a fire.  As much as Emma likes to do everything, it was James’s job to get the fire going.

“ I am going to take Archie for a walk,” said Emma

“Ok, I will have the fire going by the time you get back.

James was right, by the time Emma got back to the site, the fire had just started to pick up.  It was a bit cooler now as the sun was setting.

“Let’s go to the beach, and take some pictures of the sunset now that the sky has cleared, I don’t want to miss out on this like we did the last time we went camping.”

The sun was reflecting off the still water and peeking through the trees, Emma started taking pictures.

“It’s so pretty James, I love it!”

They returned to their site and placed the chairs around the fire, including Archie’s and he immediately jumped up and settled, curling up in a little ball.

“ I am so happy the rain has stopped, “ James said.

“ Yes, me too, now it is time for me to breath and relax, our work is done for the day,” replied Emma.

Emma had been researching why it brings her so much peace to go camping.  The stimulation of the city is often too much for Emma and going camping is the cheapest holiday away.  And it’s nature. It’s her favourite place to be.

“Forest bathing, Emma said, this is my peace.  this is where my mind clears. The anxiety is gone, the mania settles.”  She took in a deep breath and let it go all her tensions and stress from the week.  So many appointments, kids were having a hard time, she doesn’t really stop until bedtime.

“I know, I see it in you, it is really good that you have discovered that camping is the best thing for you, that makes me really happy and I am glad we can do this together,”  replied James.

As they sat around the fire chatting, smoking a bit of pot, and enjoying their beers the sky darkened to a night sky and the stars were now visible as the clouds had blown over.

“This is spectacular, it’s so beautiful!  I love this site,” Emma proclaimed as she looked up at the magnificent display of stars against the dark backdrop from the night time sky.

At eleven o’clock they decided to call it a night, James was tired from his long busy week at work.  He has been doing basement renovations and he has more to come next week. Emma was glad he was able to take today off.  Far too often she has seen him completely exhausted. 

 Emma had made a bed for Archie in the tent with a folded sleeping bag and blankets and he lay right down exhausted.  A day of being outside and having lots of walks tired him out. And he always sleeps the whole night without waking Emma to go outside for a pee. 

“You won’t be needing these,” as he pulled off her layers.

Emma giggled, “I thought you were tired?”

“Always energy for this.”

Emma was tired and lay on her side while he spooned her. One of his favourite positions.  It is their way of saying good night. 


“Good morning, you are finally up. The fog is really heavy now you should go for a walk to the beach.“ 

Emma took a stroll down to the beach.  The fog was so thick she could barely see beyond her feet. Excited about his beautiful display over the water she took some pictures.

When Emma returned from her walk James asked her when will she change into he white t-shirt.  Emma had been teasing him, saying that if it rained she will wear a white t-shirt in the rain. 

Remember, nothing underneath.”

Luckily it was a very warm weekend for Thanksgiving weekend.  Emma was happy to have an extended summer.

“ Ok fine, I will change.”

Emma went back to the tent, came out barefoot, wearing just a large white t-shirt she had bought in the men’s department at Walmart.  Feeling rather sexy she came out of the tent and slipped on her rubber boots as the ground was still a bit wet.

James slipped his hand up under her t-shirt. 

“Good girl,” he said as he felt her naked underneath.

James began to prepare breakfast, eggs and bacon was something he always cooked and Emma was happy as he always made it to perfection.  She loved the smell of bacon and eggs.

After breakfast, they decided to go for another walk with Archie.

This campground is so beautiful, thought Emma.

James showed her a spider web covered in dew that he had seen on his walk with Archie. Emma took pictures.

“It is really beautiful and there is hardly anyone here,” said James.

“ We should do our honeymoon here next year,” Emma said.

“I feel so naughty just wearing a T-shirt and rubber boots.

“You look good.’ James replied.

Emma bent over and picked up some poker sticks for the fire.

“Especially when you bend over like that.” as he smacked her butt.

Emma and James and Archie settled in the dining tent when they got back from their walk and Emma pulled out the backgammon board 

“Are you ready for me to kick your ass?”

The funny thing is Emma knew this game, it is a different game than the original backgammon game.  It is called Ace Douce. It has the same principals of backgammon but the men stay home and you have to roll them out and then go around the board.  If you get an ace and douce, you get to move your men faster, in doubles and you get an extra role. James was good at this and as Emma taught him he became better and better. 

After two games at a tie, Emma was ready for something else.

 “Let’s go into the tent. Archie is settled, he won’t go anywhere.”  It was a good time to end the game at a tie.

When they got in the tent Emma pulled out her toys.

‘I think it is my turn.” she said.  

“I will be happy to help you,” as he removed her t-shirt.

Suddenly they could hear the rain against their tent. 

“We might as well stay in our tent for a while and have some fun,” said Emma 

Archie had been really good, staying on his chair.  When the rain tapered off Emma decided it was time to take him for a walk, so they left the tent and unhooked Archie’s cable from his harness and attached his leash.

“Let’s go, Archie,” said Emma.

Archie is a funny dog, terrified of water he dodged the puddles.

They took Archie around the loop and hey noticed that some people were closing their trailers.

“ I guess people are tired of the rain,” said James.

As they returned to their site, the people across were packing up their trailer too. Their section was going to be completely empty.

“Wow, we  have this whole place to ourselves,” said Emma

 About an hour later the sun broke through the clouds and they brought their chairs out to sit in the sun. 

“Actually, James said, let’s take our chairs to the beach.”

Before they left Emma grabbed a small soft cooler and made a mid-morning snack with cheese and crackers, apples and cashews . They were looking forward to spending time in the sun, relaxing as they looked over the water.

About an hour later it started to rain again, but the sun was still out.

“Ah shit more rain! But that means you will have your wet shirt contest! exclaimed James.

The rain is so pretty in the sunlight,” as they headed back to their site..

Sunshowers are Emma’s favourite, as long as it was warm like today. 

At lunchtime, Emma began making ham and cheese sandwiches.  James couldn’t resist touching her up through her now slightly damp t-shirt. It had begun to cloud over and rain more.

“I want pictures” James suddenly said.

“ Hold on”, giggling 

Emma wanted to walk to the beach again first. 

Freedom, Emma thought as she reached the beach. This is so liberating.

She stood at the water’s edge and looked up to the sky.  She was the only person around, there was no one at the beach and it was raining heavier at the beach without the trees sheltering them.  Her arms went up in joy. She felt sexy and free. After a few minutes, she returned to the site and James smiled.

“Your shirt is definitely see-through now. I can see your piercings, I have to take pictures of this”

“Well, I have to walk up to the washrooms then you can take pics.”

Emma was both an exhibitionist and a voyeur she was hoping someone would walk by her, but the most she had was a couple of guys that drove past,  Emma knew that if anyone sees a girl in a white T-shirt and rain boots, well they would know that she was naked underneath, and that excited her.  Upon her return to the site, Emma told James about the car.

“They drove by then slowed down, they stopped their car before turning down the road.”

James replied, “ They knew you had nothing else on for sure.”

And it seemed to excite James as well.

“Come here,” James told Emma.

Emma went into the dining shelter. James pushed her back onto the picnic table and lifted her shirt all the way up and touched her.

“ You are so sexy”

They had candles burning and the dining tent was nice and cozy, warmer than outside.

“ I had some fantasies when I saw the car slow down.  I imagined them reversing their car back to where I was walking.  And they stopped and got out of their car. They wanted me to get in their car”

It appeared that this idea excited James as well. There was no one around so James turned Emma around, lifted her shirt and undid his pants. He made her bend over the picnic table.


Emma started preparing for their steak dinner. As she looked around she realized there was a camp copper just on the other side of the beach, she had no idea how long she had been there. 

“I think we were being watched, Oh my god, what if she saw us?”

“Don’t worry about it, probably made her day.”

“But what if we get reported??” 

 Emma started thinking about the amount of trouble they could get in if the OPP was to come and charged them with indecency and made the newspaper headlines….. she was in panic mode…

“ You are being silly Emma, it will all be fine.”

 James had to work extra hard at getting the fire going as the fire pit was wet from the rain.  He asked Emma if she had any fire starters.

“Yes, in the blue bin”

“Can you get them for me please?’ responded James.

Emma found the fire starters and found some dry newspaper.

“Beer time” Emma exclaimed. “I will start dinner”

Emma carefully sliced the potatoes and buttered the aluminum foil and placed the potatoes with some red onions and added a bit more butter and lots of salt and pepper. She wrapped them up leaving a small air vent. They were going directly on the grill. They turned out so nicely last week when she had James come over for the evening.

The steaks had been marinated and were ready for the grill.

“I hope the rain stays away.  So I can cook these steaks, they are going to be so good”

Emma was starting to get cold, and she didn’t want to get sick so she went to the tent and changed into some warmer, dry clothes.

“Fun is over,” laughed Emma as she returned to James working on the fire.  She still had her rain boots on.

 “ I am going to take Archie for a walk now while you get the fire going.”

Emma loves the smell of a campfire, she loves the soft earth beneath her feet, the stillness of the air, and when it’s warmer out she loves getting into the water and swimming with James. 

When the grill on the fire pit was hot James started cooking the potatoes in the aluminum foil.  After fifteen minutes he started cooking the steaks. The smell was mouth-watering. 

“I can’t wait to eat,” Emma said on her return from a walk with Archie.

Their dinner was cooked to perfection.  After dinner, Emma prepared food for Archie.  Emma has been making homemade food for Archie, white rice, boiled chicken or beef and cut up and lightly boiled carrots and then she adds peas. Archie just loves it.

“ I am so glad the rain stopped so that we can enjoy a fire this evening, “

“ Yes, I am ready to sit and make some smores for dessert, I have two kinds of chocolate.” 

As Emma was preparing the smores,  James untied Archie and was getting ready to take him for another walk

“ Are you coming, Emma?

“Oh ok, hold on, I will have to put this stuff away, I don’t want any pesky visitors.”

Together they walked Archie and they decided to walk up to the camp store and they took turns buying their munchies for the evening while the other waited outside with Archie.

“Woohoo! They have strawberry drum sticks and that girl at the cash is hot! Too bad we couldn’t take her back with us.” laughed Emma.

‘You would like that”, said James.

James and Emma walked back to their campsite.  Emma was stress-free and enjoying her time with James as she ate her ice cream.  James loves to see Emma at peace. 

It doesn’t happen very often, he thought.

They spent the remainder of the evening by the fire.

They told jokes while eating their treats and talking about the recent news.  Emma talked about how much she is enjoying her Wellness course at Algonquin. One year in and she still has three more courses to take.

“My schoolwork helps me have a focus and is a great pass time.  Better than shopping eh?” She said to James.

“ I have one more year left, said James, then my whole life will change.”

They ate their treats, had their smores and both were tired and full after so much fun and food today.  Emma made her bedtime decaf coffee and James opened another beer.

“Time for bed soon,” Emma said.

“Oh…do we get to have some more playtime?”

“Of course, but you will have to keep me warm if you want to get me naked.

“Let’s walk Archie one more time before we go to bed,” Said Emma.

When they got back they moved the chairs back into the dining shelter in case it rained again overnight.  Emma moved the food they had out into the car away from critters. 

“Our last night, even in the rain I had so much fun, James,” as she kissed him.

“Are you ready for bed now Emma?”

“Yes let’s go,” As she unclipped Archies lead from his harness. Once in the tent, Archie settled quickly. 

James took off his clothes and Emma said,

“ You will have to keep me warm if you want me to sleep naked.”

“I have no problems with that,” as he kissed her forehead. 

Emma quickly took off her warm clothes and jumped under the covers, shivering, she snuggled up to James.  After playtime, Emma lay her head upon James’ chest.

“Good night, I love you. “

“ I love you too Emma, this was by far one of our best weekends away.”

“Lets book next year, the same spot, same time of year, we can have our honeymoon here,” Emma said


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I went into Rehab for Alcohol Addictions and have been sober for fourteen years.
Shortly after I quit drinking I was diagnosed with Bipolar 2, I have since been diagnosed with Bipolar 1.
I enjoy talking about my story, for people to learn or relate. I try and have a healthy lifestyle and try to use my coping strategies. Life is just too boring without Bipolar, it is a blessing but yet sometimes a curse.
I am currently working on a book and dream of publishing one day.
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